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 Carlsberg Meridian Catalogs (CMC, 1999)
    I/256/stars(c)Star catalogue (180812 rows)
    I/256/fk5u(c)Observation of FK5 stars, upper culmination (11365 rows)
    I/256/fk5l(c)Observation of FK5 stars, lower culmination (851 rows)
    I/256/nltt(c)Stars with µ>0.18"/yr (mainly NLTT) (12405 rows)
    I/256/varpos(c)Variable star positions (4668 rows)
    I/256/novapos(c)Positions of novae and supernovae (20 rows)
    I/256/veronc81(c)Reference stars within 20' of Quasars (15129 rows)
    I/256/veronc82(c)Reference stars within 20' of BL Lac objects (554 rows)
    I/256/veronc83(c)Reference stars within 20' of AGNs (3751 rows)
    I/256/varmagObserved magnitudes of variable stars (40202 rows)
    I/256/novamagObserved magnitudes of novae and supernovae (219 rows)
    I/256/suspectObserved magnitudes of suspected variables (252 rows)
    I/256/planetObservations of planets, satellites, minor planets (25848 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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