CDS Catalogues. VIII. Radio and Far-IR data

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(VIII/99)  Catalogue of Radio Stars (Wendker, 2001)
(VIII/98)  180MHz Murchison Commissioning Survey (MWACS) (Hurley-Walker+, 2014)  (MWACS,J/other/PASA/31.45)
(VIII/97)  74MHz VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey Redux (VLSSr) (Lane+, 2014)  (VLSSr,J/MNRAS/440/327)
(VIII/96)  6-GHz methanol multibeam maser catalogue (Caswell+, 2010-12)  (MMB,J/MNRAS/404/1029,J/MNRAS/409/913,J/MNRAS/417/1964,J/MNRAS/420/3108)
(VIII/95)  Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey (Oliver+, 2012)  (HerMES,Herschel-HerMES,J/MNRAS/419/377)
(VIII/94)  Catalog of extended extragalactic radio sources (Amirkhanyan, 2014)
(VIII/93)  The VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey at 74MHz (Cohen+ 2007-2013)  (VLSS,4MASS)
(VIII/92)  The FIRST Survey Catalog, Version 2014Dec17 (Helfand+ 2015)  (FIRST)
(VIII/91)  Planck Catalog of Compact Sources Release 1 (Planck, 2013)  (PCCS1,1PSZ,Planck-DR1,Planck,J/A+A/571/A29)
(VIII/90)  The FIRST Survey Catalog, Version 12Feb16 (Becker+ 2012)  (FIRST)  (obsolete)
(VIII/89)  Northern HI Parkes All Sky Survey Catalogue (HIPASS) (Wong+, 2006)  (HIPASS)
(VIII/88)  Planck Early Release Compact Source Catalogue (Planck, 2011)  (PLCK-ER,PLCKERC,Planck)
(VIII/87)  The Allen Telescope Array 20cm Survey (ATATS). I. (Croft+ 2010)  (ATATS)
(VIII/86)  Analysis of the RC catalog sample. (Zhelenkova+ 2008-2009)
(VIII/85A)  SPECFIND V2.0 Catalog of radio continuum spectra (Vollmer+ 2009)  (SPECFIND2,SPECFIND)
(VIII/84)  A final non-redundant catalogue for 7C 151-MHz survey (Hales+ 2007)  (7C)
(VIII/82)  2nd Epoch Molonglo Galactic Plane Survey (MGPS-2) (Murphy+, 2007)  (MGPS-2,MGPS2,MGPS)
(VIII/81B)  Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey (SUMSS V2.1) (Mauch+ 2008)  (SUMSS)
(VIII/80)  The UTR-2 Very Low-Frequency Sky Survey Data (Braude+ 1978-2002)  (UTR-2,Gra)
(VIII/79A)  The VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey at 74MHz (Cohen+ 2007)  (VLSS,4MASS)
(VIII/78)  Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey (SUMSS) (Mauch+ 2006)  (SUMSS,VIII/70)  (obsolete)
(VIII/77)  HI spectral properties of galaxies (Springob+, 2005)  (AGC)
(VIII/76)  Leiden/Argentine/Bonn (LAB) Survey of Galactic HI (Kalberla+ 2005)  (LAB)
(VIII/75)  HI survey of the sky DE<+25deg (Bajaja+, 2005)  (IAR)
(VIII/74A)  SPECFIND Catalog of radio continuum spectra (Vollmer+ 2005)  (SPECFIND)  (obsolete)
(VIII/73)  HI Parkes All Sky Survey Catalogue (HIPASS) (Meyer+, 2004)  (HIPASS)
(VIII/72)  CLASS survey of radio sources (Myers+, 2003)  (CLASS)
(VIII/71)  The FIRST Survey Catalog, Version 03Apr11 (Becker+ 2003)  (FIRST)  (obsolete)
(VIII/70A)  Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey (SUMSS) (Mauch+ 2003)  (SUMSS)  (obsolete)
(VIII/69A)  The WISH catalogue at 352 MHz (de Breuck+ 2002)  (WISH)
(VIII/68)  Huchtmeier-Richter HI catalog (Huchtmeier+ 1989)
(VIII/67)  Catalogue of scintillating radio sources (Artyukh+, 1996-1998)
(VIII/66)  IRAM observations in pre-star forming regions (Falgarone+ 1998-2001)  (IRAM)
(VIII/65)  1.4GHz NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) (Condon+ 1998)  (NVSS)
(VIII/64)  Westerhout's Catalogue of 82 Discrete Sources (Westerhout 1958)  (W)
(VIII/63)  ATESP radio survey. II. (Prandoni+, 2000)  (ATESP)
(VIII/62)  The Westerbork Northern Sky Survey (Leiden, 1998)  (WENSS)
(VIII/61)  NAIC 611 MHz Survey Source List (Durdin+ 1975)
(VIII/60)  Interferometer phase calibration sources (Patnaik+ 1998)  (JVAS)
(VIII/59)  the FIRST Survey, version 1999Jul (White+ 1999)  (FIRST)  (obsolete)
(VIII/58)  A Survey of Radio H II Regions in the Northern Sky (Lockman+ 1989)
(VIII/57)  Fluxes of Faint Radio Sources at 2.7/4.75 GHz (Forkert+, 1987)
(VIII/56)  Compendium of Radio Measurements of Bright Galaxies (Haynes+ 1975)
(VIII/55)  DRAO Penticton P-survey Database (Caswell+, 1983-1987)  (P)
(VIII/54)  Atlas of Galactic Neutral Hydrogen (Hartmann+, 1997)  (LDS)
(VIII/53)  The Green Bank Survey (Maslowski+ 1972-87)  (GB,GB1,GB2,GB3)
(VIII/52B)  The MIT-Green Bank 5GHz Survey (Bennett+, 1986-91)  (MG,MITG,MG1,MG2,MG3,MG4)
(VIII/51)  the FIRST Survey, version 1998Feb (White+ 1998)  (FIRST)  (obsolete)
(VIII/50)  VLA Survey of Rich Clusters of Galaxies (Slee+ 1996)
(VIII/49)  The Zelenchuk Surveys (Amirkhanyan+, 1989)  (Zel,LPZ94,RATAN)
(VIII/48)  the FIRST Survey (White+ 1997)  (FIRST)  (obsolete)
(VIII/47)  Galactic 21-cm line Survey (Westerhout+ 1982)
(VIII/46)  Molonglo deep sky survey of radio sources (Robertson+ 1977-1984)  (MDS)
(VIII/45)  Southern flat-spectrum sources (White+ 1987-1991)
(VIII/44)  Miyun 232MHz survey (Zhang+ 1997)  (Miyun)
(VIII/43)  Radio survey of clusters of galaxies (Andernach+ 1978)
(VIII/42)  Texas Survey of radio sources at 365MHz (Douglas+ 1996)  (TXS)
(VIII/41)  The UTR-2 Very Low-Frequency Sky Survey Data (Braude+ 1978-1982)  (UTR-2,Gra)  (obsolete)
(VIII/40)  GB6 catalog of radio sources (Gregory+ 1996)  (GB6)
(VIII/39)  Composite CO Survey of the Milky Way (Dame+ 1987)
(VIII/38)  The Parkes-MIT-NRAO 4.85GHz (PMN) Surveys (Griffith+ 1993-1996)  (PMN)
(VIII/37)  The Third Bologna Survey (B3) (Ficarra+ 1985)  (B3)
(VIII/36)  The Second Bologna Survey (Colla+ 1970-1974)  (B2)
(VIII/35)  Radio Sources observed with Culgoora Circular Array (Slee 1995)  (Cul)
(VIII/34)  Parkes Half-Jansky Flat-Spectrum Sample (Drinkwater + 1997)
(VIII/33)  Spectral characteristics of RATAN (RC) Catalog (Bursov+ 1989)  (RATAN)
(VIII/32)  Extragalactic sources at 5GHz (Jenkins+ 1977)
(VIII/31)  Revised source list for the Rees 38-MHz survey (Hales+ 1995)  (8C)
(VIII/30)  5C14/5C15/5C16 Radio Survey at 408 and 1407 MHz (Benn+ 1991)  (5C,5C14,5C15,5C16)
(VIII/29)  1400-MHz Survey of 1478 Abell Clusters of Galaxies (Owen+ 1982)
(VIII/28)  Bell Laboratories H I Survey (Stark+ 1992)
(VIII/27)  Parkes-MIT-NRAO (PMN) Surveys (Griffith+ 1994)  (PMN)  (obsolete)
(VIII/26)  Low-Frequency Variable Radio Sources Monitoring (Mitchell+, 1994)
(VIII/25)  6C Survey of radio sources - VI. (Hales+ 1993)
(VIII/24)  6C Survey of Radio Sources - V. (Hales+ 1993)  (6C,6C5)
(VIII/23)  6C Survey of radio sources - IV. (Hales+ 1991)  (6C,6C4)
(VIII/22)  6C Survey of Radio Sources - III. (Hales+ 1990)  (6C,6C3)
(VIII/21)  6C Survey of radio sources - II. (Hales+ 1988)  (6C,6C2)
(VIII/20)  Catalog of 5 GHz Galactic Plane Sources (Haynes+ 1979)
(VIII/19)  Catalogues from a deep 327 MHz Westerbork Survey (Wieringa 1991,1993)  (WSTB,64W,70W,75W,76W)
(VIII/18)  6C Survey of radio sources I. (Baldwin+ 1985)  (6C,6C1)
(VIII/17)  The North 20cm Survey (White+ 1992)  (WB)
(VIII/16)  Molonglo Reference Catalogue of Radio Sources (Large+ 1991)  (MRC)
(VIII/15)  Parkes Radio Sources Catalogue (PKSCAT90) (Wright+ 1990)  (PKS)
(VIII/14)  87GB Catalog of radio sources (Gregory et al., 1991)  (87GB)
(VIII/13)  A new catalog of 53522 4.85GHz sources (Becker+ 1991)  (BWE)
(VIII/12)  Orion A Emission-Line Surveys (Jewell+ 1989)
(VIII/11)  Berkeley Low-Latitude H I Survey (Weaver+ 1973)
(VIII/10)  Bell Laboratories H I Profiles (Stark+ 1992)  (obsolete)
(VIII/9)  Argentina High-Latitude H I Survey (Colomb 1980)
(VIII/8A)  Parkes High-Latitude H I Survey (Cleary+ 1979)
(VIII/7A)  Hat Creek High-Latitude H I Survey (Heiles+ 1974-1976)
(VIII/6)  1400-MHz Sky Survey, Maps Covering Dec -5 to +82 (Condon+ 1985-86)
(VIII/5)  Bright Extragalactic Radio Sources (1Jy) (Kuehr+, 1981)  (1Jy)
(VIII/4)  Fourth Cambridge Survey (4C) (Pilkington+ 1965; Gower+ 1967)  (4C)
(VIII/3)  An Optical Catalogue of Radio Galaxies (Burbidge+ 1979)
(VIII/2)  Molonglo Reference Catalog of Radio Sources (Large+ 1981)  (MRC)  (obsolete)
(VIII/1A)  The 3C and 3CR Catalogues (Edge+ 1959-1962)  (3CR,3C)